Sunday, September 17, 2017

NEW SINGLE "Gospel Gossip"

Listen to the new single "Gospel Gossip" from MOBB BOSS! Listen to it and post your feedback below.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Kristi McGee of the WBRPP Network co-signs "Heart of a Lion"


Mobb Boss' new single "Heart of a Lion" is getting spins all across the states!  The assistant program director of the WBRPP Network Kristi McGee is LOVING Mobb Boss' new single "Heart of a Lion".  This is what she had to say!

Very enthusiastic beat with words of strength and encouragement tied in, make this an unbelievably needed hit. - Kristi McGee of the WBRPP Network


Listen to Mobb Boss' "Heart of a Lion" here at this direct link

Monday, August 7, 2017

MOBB BOSS is being honored by BLACKTOPIA

On Aug. 7th (Monday) Mobb Boss was honored with the #MCM (Monday's CLASSY Man) Award by Blacktopia's prestigious website.  Check it out at this direct link

Fans and viewers of MOBB BOSS may also get updates on him and his music by downloading and installing the Blaktopia Mobile App. on iTunes, Amazon and Blackberry World.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Model and artist MZ ARIEZ co-signs MOBB BOSS' single!!

Rapper and model Mz. Ariez is loving Mobb Boss' new single "Heart of a Lion", this is what she had to say....

Its a cool song
Riding music

Indeed Indeed!

Mz. Ariez was also recently featured in the Blacktopia Beauty Model Calendar that's available on

Hopefully we can look forward to a Mz Ariez and Mobb Boss collaboration in the future!!

Black Smoke of the YungZZ BlacKK Kingz Movement supports "HEART OF A LION"

Rising Arkansas based rapper, songwriter and prominent / skilled recording engineer BLACK SMOKE of the YungZZ Blackk Kingz movement supports Mobb Boss' new single "Heart of a Lion".  He states that he is really feeling the lyrics and how Mobb Boss came vocally on the track!

Listen to the single itself at this direct link